Founded in Italy and it is the most energetic and cool brand which leading the cool city of ITALY.

OPS!OBJECTS’s philosophy, having new eyes means changing the obsolete to create something unique and preserve the beauty in all its shape. OPS!OBEJCTS is a factory of innovative ideas, an experimenting place where creativity, design and research merge into unique products with no equal, colourful and ironic.

Democratizing the exclusivity starting from the must have of jewels and accessories, the icons of fashion history, revisited and redesigned with the OPS!OBECJTS is the mission of all collections and each element is dedicated to those who live in its style, a concrete expression of their own personality.


OPS!OBECJTS, our manifest be happy.




OPS!OBJECTS Collection


OPS! Damier Bracelet

OPS! Damier Bracelet - White


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Black


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Grey


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Green


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Olive


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Blue


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Purple


OPS! Damier Bracelet - Orange




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16 January 2017

BERING: Blogger flyingindance

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11 June 2014

Valor Concept Store Opens in Sunway Pyramid

VALOR – the great courage and bravery in the face of unknown territory.   Launched in early 2014, Valor select the good range of top-selling international lifestyle watches and j...

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