Origins from Japan, Alive endevour daily to design unqiue timepieces that only Alive can produce. Creating an irreplaceable timepiece isn't easy to do in this oversaturated market, but Alive was founded for that purpose. Alive strives to build distinctive high-quality timepieces that match our customers' expectional tastes. 


Alive Athletics Tokyo supports unique musicians, athelets, and artist that follows only thier own way of life. From the beginning they've been cooperation with us by giving advise and inspiration on ideas and timepiece design.


Alive watches remind us to enjoy each moment as one of Finest Luxury. Life is too short to not treat each second that way. 


"Always unique, limited and uncommon in the market"




ALIVE collection:


Alive A-Frame

Alive Summer Frame - Emerald


Alive Summer Frame - Eyeball


Alive Summer Frame - Leopard

AV-F4 - LP

Alive Summer Frame - White



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11 June 2014

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